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Turbo Pumps

Edwards nEXT Turbomolecular Pumps

Edwards – world leader in vacuum technology – introduces the nEXT generation of turbomolecular pump. Built upon over a decade of experience with the tried and trusted EXT and STP ranges (with in excess of 200,000 units in the field), nEXT sets the new benchmark for scientific turbo pumps. 

The nEXT platform brings a high level of modularity to offer maximum flexibility for customer application and requirements. Each pump is available in two different internal configurations to offer differing performance.

Edwards STP Turbo Pumps

The STP magnetically levitated turbomolecular pumps are the first choice for high-up time, hydrocarbon free pumping. The multi-axis magnetic bearing system is used to suspend the rotor during operation, ensuring there is no risk of contamination while minimizing vibration, noise and maintenance requirements. The STP pumps can be fully interfaced with advanced controllers to operate on a wide range of applications and processes.

The STP Range includes:

  • Ultra High Vacuum STP Pumps 

  • High Throughput STP Pumps

  • Advanced High Throughput STP Pumps

  • High Flow and High Throughput STP Pumps

  • Low Vibration Vacuum STP Pumps 

  • STP Pumps with Integrated Controller

  • STP Controllers

Edwards TAG Turbo and Active Gauge Controller

The TAG (Turbo & Active Gauge) controller is a small, compact, low cost pumping system Controller, which is suitable for a wide range of vacuum applications. It is a 24V controller that is compatible with all Edwards DX and nEXT turbopumps. It contains no power source and thus you either need to supply your own power or buy the optional power supply. In addition to a turbopump it can control a backing pump, a vent valve, an air cooler and an Edwards active gauge.

TIC Turbo Controllers 

The Edwards TIC Turbo Controller are a compact rack or bench mounted turbo pump controller with a large clear graphical display, intuitive user interface and serial communication. This allows full remote control and data logging functions via a new Windows™ based PC program. The TIC Turbo and Instrument Controller is capable of controlling the turbo pump and up to three Edwards gauges all of which are automatically recognized and supported


The T-Station 75 is Edwards’s new entry level Turbopumping system. It combines our proven EXT75DX with a choice of either an oil sealed E2M1.5 backing pump or an XDD1 diaphragm pump where a totally dry solution is desired.

The T-Station comes with our new TAG (Turbo and Active Gauge) controller fitted as standard which enables single button start/stop of the system, the ability to control one of our Active Gauges*, vent valve control*, and delayed start to either time or pressure if a gauge is fitted making the T-Station ideal for general laboratory needs.

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