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Combinations & Systems

Custom Built and Engineered Vacuum Combinations & Systems

Vacuum Services has almost most 40 years in specifying, planning, developing and engineering custom vacuum combinations and systems for our clients. From simple pump-booster combinations to complex systems. 

We have the skill, experience and capability to design and build a custom system, that will not only suit your appliaction but your budget too.

Contact Us Now to Discuss your system requirements.

Agilent/PVR Compact Vacuum Groups GC Series

GC Series Given the proven performance of our PVL401/PVL541 vacuum pumps and the HV series of Roots-type pumps, we have designed pumping groups that conveniently combine the benefits of both in high performance compact packages. The new GC packages provide the following significant benefits: Integral pipe-work allowing easier installation - Max. ultimate vacuum 0.02 mbar abs. - max. capacity 1,700 m³/h. - Energy savings resulting from low motor rating Compact footprints - Much reduced operating and maintenance costs. The GC vacuum packages can be further enhanced with accessories such as electrical panels to EC standards, process control options, inlet filters

CSZ/CDZ Series - Agilent/PVR Central Vacuum System

Agilent offers a wide range of central vacuum systems including vessel and either one or two vacuum pumps. Our central vacuum systems are offered with horizontal or vertical vessel, to maximize floor space. Customized central vacuum systems having different characteristics than those shown on the standard catalogue are available on request.

MEDISYSTEM - Agilent/PVR Central Vacuum Systems for Hospitals 

Thanks to over forty years’ experience in vacuum pumps manufacturing, Agilent/PVR have designed central vacuum systems series MEDISYSTEM. Manufactured in observance of EN ISO 7396-1 standards, these systems meet the requirements of all those medical structures, such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, analysis laboratories, etc. MEDISYSTEM groups are mainly formed by: three pumps systems able to guarantee the continuity of operation also in case of emergency - vacuum tank fitted with vacuum switches control panel, with ‘touch-screen’ system to check and schedule the complete group - antibacterial filter group with support and bypass system according to EN ISO 7396-1 standards - base-plate for all the components. MEDISYSTEM can be supplied as turnkey systems or as single component for the integration of already existing groups.

Edwards ES/EH Combinations

ES rotary vane pump & EH mechanical booster including connection kit mounted to mechanical booster.

Edwards Stokes Microvac / 6" Booster combinations

Edwards MB Multi-stage pumping systems are available in two options, consisting of a Microvac piston pump and 6” Superblower mechanical booster pump. A full range of accessories is available for these systems, please discuss with your Edwards representative for more information.

Edwards Stokes 1700 Series Mechanical Booster Combinations

The Edwards Stokes vacuum oil sealed piston pumps offer maximum reliability and performance in the industries most efficient, space-saving design. These rugged pumps have been thoroughly engineered to maximize uptime and extend operating life. The pumps can be used individually or with mechanical booster pumps to increase both performance and ultimate vacuum.

Exhaust Management Systems

Atlas Inward Fired Combustors

Atlas from Edwards: the range of combustion gas abatement solutions that offers semiconductor manufacturers reduced operating costs and enhanced ease-of-use.

Atlas™ systems have low fuel consumption compared with previous-generation gas abatement devices and utilize proven Alzeta™ inward-fired combustor technology to achieve significantly reduced costs of ownership. With one to six inlets with a number of options, including a temperature management system (TMS), they can reach a flow capacity of up to 600 slm and they offer enhanced ease-of-use and more efficient maintenance.


Spectra Series

The Spectra series is a cost effective, reliable, high performance exhaust treatment solution for the latest generation Flat Panel Display (FPD), Solar and MOCVD manufacturing processes.


Gas Reactor Column (GRC) Series

 Edwards offers a range of low-cost, point of use dry abatement systems for semiconductor processing. Each system uses the unique hot bed reactor technology developed for the GRC (Gas Reactor Column) range.


Exhaust Pipe Heating

Edwards offers (Temperature Management System) for processes involving condensable solids. TMS ensures that these compounds remain volatile until they enter abatement device. The TMS is designed to heat both forelines and pump exhaust lines to the inlet of the abatement device. Moulded high surface area heaters maximize contact with pipes and are designed to maintain the temperature of the pipe between 90° and 150°C.


Exhaust Conditioning

Edwards range of exhaust conditioning products includes the Pyrophoric Conditioning System (PCS) for the self oxidation of silane, the Water Cooled Exhaust Trap (WCT) for LPCVD nitride processes and the Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP) for additional powder removal.

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