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Gauges, Controllers & Instrumentation

TIC Instrument Controllers 

The TIC Instrument Controllers are compact rack or bench mounted controllers which have a large clear graphical display, intuitive user interface and serial communication. This allows full remote control and data logging functions via a new Windows™ based PC program. The controller supports and automatically recognizes up to six gauges from the Edwards range.

Profibus Communications Module 

A compact, Din rail mountable module to allow Profibus protocol communications with the TIC Turbo and Instrument Controllers, or directly with Edwards DX Turbo Pumps. This module allows manufacturers, laboratories and research establishments to take advantage of reduced cabling and network equipment costs.

ADC Active Digital Controllers 

The Edwards Active Digital Controller (ADC) is a compact single gauge controller and display. It features a bright LED display and simple push-button controls. The ADC automatically recognizes compatible Edwards gauges, loads the appropriate look-up table and displays the pressure in commonly used vacuum units.

The ADC is available in standard and enhanced versions. The standard controller displays the pressure measured by a single active gauge. The enhanced controller supports two similar gauges, is equipped with two variable hysteresis set-points which are linked to 48V dc 1A changeover relays, and two 0-10V dc analog outputs. An RS232 interface is also available on the enhanced version.

APG100 Active Pirani Vacuum Gauge 

Edwards APG100 Active Pirani Vacuum Gauges are available in either standard or corrosion resistant versions offering measurement from atmosphere to 10-3 or 10-4 respectively. They are compatible with all Edwards TIC Instrument controllers and are fully RoHS compliant.

 APGX-H Active Linear Convection Gauges 

The Edwards Linear Convection Gauge has a wide measuring range from 1333 to 3 x 10-4 mbar (1000 to 2.3 x 10-4 Torr). The use of convection technology ensures, accuracy and sensitivity are maintained to the top of the range. The gauge is compact and may be mounted in any orientation, simplifying installation where space is limited. The gauge incorporates a setpoint and two LEDs, which indicate setpoint and gauge status. For reduced cost of ownership, the gauge is provided with a replaceable tube, in which calibration data is stored.

ATC Active Thermocouple Gauge 

The Edwards Active Thermocouple (ATC-E) gauges mount directly on the thermocouple tube to form a compact, stand-alone transducer. The ATC-E electronics module drives both medium and low pressure gauge tubes providing a package that offers a cost effective measuring solution for higher pressures.

 ASG Active Strain Gauge 

The Edwards Active Strain Gauge (ASG) is a rugged, corrosion resistant diaphragm gauge which provides accurate, gas independent measurement from 2000 mbar to 1 mbar. It can be used as a standalone transducer allowing OEMs and system builders to develop low cost, flexible solutions to their vacuum instrumentation needs. Alternatively, it can be connected to the Edwards Active Gauge Controller where it can be combined with many other sensor types to provide a complete vacuum instrument solution.

AIM Active Inverted Magnetron Gauge 

The Edwards Active Inverted Magnetron Gauges (AIM) combine the gauge-head and control electronics in one compact Active unit. These gauges have proved to be rugged and reliable in a wide range of applications ranging from scientific instruments to industrial processes.

WRG Wide Range Gauge 

The Wide Range Gauge (WRG) family offers the capability of single port pressure measurement in the range atmosphere to 10-9 mbar, with a linear output. It’s a compact solution, halving the space and connectivity hardware requirement, which can be all important in many applications. The WRG has many novel features, including a patented striker, pushbutton calibration and set point controls and comprehensive diagnostics. The WRG is a cost-effective vacuum management solution when used either with a Edwards controller or directly integrated into the vacuum system controls.

AIGX Active Ion Gauge 

The Edwards Active Ion Gauge (AIGX) is a compact active ion gauge with dual yttria coated iridium filaments, a wide measuring range from 5 x 10-2 to 5 x 10-10 Torr (6.6 x 10-2 to 6.6 x 10-10 mbar) and a 1 Volt/decade linear output. The Edwards AIGX incorporates all benefits of the industry standard active gauging concept, with integral electronics and replaceable tube. The gauge has a degas facility and includes features to protect and extend the life of the filaments. The AIGX benefits from extremely low emissions of charged particles, which makes it an excellent choice for processes where background noise is undesirable.

CG16K Capsule Dial Gauge 

Edwards CG 16K capsule dial gauges are barometrically compensated dial gauges which cover the pressure ranges from atmosphere down to 1 mbar absolute. These robust gauges provide accurate, repeatable performance even at low pressures making them equally suited for non-corrosive process plant or for laboratory applications.

IS16K Vacuum Interlock Switch 

The IS16K vacuum interlock switch is designed to safeguard the operator by ensuring that electrical circuits in the vacuum chamber do not remain energized when the system is let up to atmosphere.

VS16K Adjustable Vacuum Switch 

The Edwards VS16K Adjustable Vacuum Switch is a general purpose vacuum switch with adjustable set points and small switching differential. This diaphragm operated vacuum switch is high vacuum compatible and corrosion resistant with all wetted parts made from stainless steel.

Gascheck Leak Detectors

The GasCheck range provides automatic and direct display of gas leak rates. At the heart of these instruments is a sensor which can detect any gas that has a different thermal conductivity to that of air, resulting in a highly sensitive instrument which is both reliable and compact.

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