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Liquid Filter Inlet Trap

The Water Filter Inlet Trap is recommended for applications where the pump sucks small quantity of liquid/s.

Medical Filters / Antibacterial Filters

Our Antibacterial filters ensure high filtration power able to avoid virus and bacteria propagation to environment. The filter elements have an efficiency of ≥ 99,999.

Oil Mist Traps

Oil Mist Traps get rid of the oil mist easily by using a double filtering system in order to get the working environment free from polluting agents.

Foreline Roughing Traps

Foreline Roughing Traps are designed to prevent the back streaming of mechanical pump fluids. Copper and stainless steel gauze inserts are designed to reduce oil back streaming.

Exhaust Management Systems

Atlas Inward Fired Combustors

Atlas from Edwards: the range of combustion gas abatement solutions that offers semiconductor manufacturers reduced operating costs and enhanced ease-of-use.

Atlas™ systems have low fuel consumption compared with previous-generation gas abatement devices and utilize proven Alzeta™ inward-fired combustor technology to achieve significantly reduced costs of ownership. With one to six inlets with a number of options, including a temperature management system (TMS), they can reach a flow capacity of up to 600 slm and they offer enhanced ease-of-use and more efficient maintenance.


Spectra Series

The Spectra series is a cost effective, reliable, high performance exhaust treatment solution for the latest generation Flat Panel Display (FPD), Solar and MOCVD manufacturing processes.


Gas Reactor Column (GRC) Series

 Edwards offers a range of low-cost, point of use dry abatement systems for semiconductor processing. Each system uses the unique hot bed reactor technology developed for the GRC (Gas Reactor Column) range.


Exhaust Pipe Heating

Edwards offers (Temperature Management System) for processes involving condensable solids. TMS ensures that these compounds remain volatile until they enter abatement device. The TMS is designed to heat both forelines and pump exhaust lines to the inlet of the abatement device. Moulded high surface area heaters maximize contact with pipes and are designed to maintain the temperature of the pipe between 90° and 150°C.


Exhaust Conditioning

Edwards range of exhaust conditioning products includes the Pyrophoric Conditioning System (PCS) for the self oxidation of silane, the Water Cooled Exhaust Trap (WCT) for LPCVD nitride processes and the Wet Electrostatic Precipitator (WESP) for additional powder removal.

1. Inlet Filters
2. Exhaust / Outlet Filters
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